Kumartuli Idol Maker



Clay Model

 We are serving more than 300 clay models / idols in several pandels, home puja every year. Small medium large several size are available in our workshop. We are also serving customized idols. (on the besis of order only)

Fiber Model

 Fiber models are latest part of kumartuli. the main advantage of fiber is the light weight & unbreakable so that it is very easy to export in several foreign country. We also serving many models in fiber other than idols.

Glass Model

 Glass models are the main part of interior decoration. Home / Office / Shop etc are the main consumer of glass models. It is not so handy but the beauty of a glass model is unbeatable. Show pieces are perfect for this material.

Terracotta Model

 Terracotta is a clay-based unglazed or glazed ceramic, where the fired body is porous. well known term of terracotta is Poramati. Many household products and showpieces are part of terracotta. It is the most historical part of kumartuli.


 We have export the largest Durga pratima to the London. Its a 8 ft hight and 18 ft width Durga pratima going to london from kumartuli. In the year 2012.

Shilpa Kendra

Prasanta Pal (Artist)

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